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Welcome to the N64 site!

Welcome to our brand new nintendo n64 roms website. We opened this today so we're as new as it gets. There isn't much news at the moment, but stay tuned as over the coming weeks we'll be bringing you some of the most detailed n64 roms reviews along with tons of n64 related information and downloads.

I must stress that we cannot host roms, and this is purely an information website. Sorry about that!

Roms Reviews!

This section is reserved for our weekly n64 roms reviews of the week. We will feature two nintendo games here each week that we've reviewed.

We have not had chance to write any reviews yet as the site is brand new, but rest assured, this section will be growing week by week.

Help Us Out!

We're on the look out for talented individuals to help us out with the day to day running on this website. Firstly, you do not need any knowledge of html or php, nor do you need any advanced web knowledge. All you need is an interest in the nintendo n64, in particular, roms.

We're looking for people to write gaming articles for us, plus reviews on the latest nintendo games. If you would like to join us, please contact us here.

We cannot offer much at the moment as we're a relatively new games site, but we can give you recognition on the site plus hosting of your own n64-roms.net/yourname site and e-mail address.


Please note that we do not offer roms for the n64. We simply offer reviews and information related to this particular subject.

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If you've not already had enough of the site, then check out the Paperboy Cheats! and Games or why not take a look at All Star Baseball!! We have loads of cheats here!

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