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The Roms FAQ

Is Emulation Legal?
The law states that you may only produce or own a rom image from something you physically own such as the Super Mario games cartridge or similar. You might have heard that roms themselves are illegal, this is rubbish. It's only illegal to download a rom of software you do not actually own. Creating your own rom images and emulating them on your computer is completely legal.

What is a ROM?
A rom is a backup copy of a game you can use with your computer. Using special software you can download the rom image from your games cartridge to your pc and play it with an emulator.

What is an Emulator?
An emulator is a piece of software for your pc that emulates a specific console enabling you to play the rom images from the console cartridges on your PC.

How do I play ROM's?
With an emulator for the system the ROM runs on. NESticle plays NES ROMs, ZSNES plays SMC(Super Nintendo) ROMs, and so forth. Usually, just open the ROM in the GUI (Load ROM) or type emulator gamename at the DOS prompt, where emulator is the name of the emulator and gamename is the name of the ROM image. If you need more help, most emulators come with a faq guide.

Where can I get ROM's?
There are thousands of sites on the Internet offering rom's for download. Check out our demo's section along with our partners links for rom sites.

What is a Checksum?
A Checksum is the sum of the values of each byte of a file. A bad checksum does not match the specified checksum within the file, but probably will still run with your emulators.

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